Epos Now: How to build a deal for your Yoello platform on Epos Now back office

In order to build a deal, go to your Epos Now back office and follow the instructions below. Once done, you can resync your menu to pull your changes across


To build meal deals on your Epos Now order and pay you would use your multiple choice product groups. These groups will appear for the customer to make selections as they go and you can choose what order they show up to the customer in as shown below.

As an example deal - Two Pizzas and a side for £20



Firstly make sure the items you want to include in your deal exist as products already.


You would then make the meal deal make as an item e.g the product can be called 

‘Any two Pizzas and a side for £20’ 



Then you want to make your multiple choice product groups. 

In this particular deal you would make one called ‘Choose your First Pizza’ and set the minimum selection as 1 and the maximum as 1. (this will mean the customer has to choose one and can only choose one). Then you add the pizza’s you wish to offer into the group and set the prices to £0 (as the main item price is already £20 so you do not need to charge any additional for the selection) 



You would then create another group identical to above but called ‘choose your second pizza’ and then one for ‘choose your side’.


The next step then is to apply the groups to your ‘deal’ item. 

To do this go to your ‘two pizzas and a side for £20’ item, click on advance settings, and scroll down to find the ‘add multiple choice products’ section. 

Select your three MCP groups and click save.



Then go to https://partners.yoello.com/ and do a menu sync. 


If you find your ‘any two pizzas and a side for £20’ item and click to edit it.

You will see the MCP groups sit under the ‘extras’ section and you can click on the three lines to the left to drag them into the order you want them to appear to customers.