EPOS Now: How do I set up my taxes on the dashboard?

Sync your menu to sync through your sales taxes. Then go to the 'sales tax' tab on the dashboard and manually set your tax band for your service fee and delivery fee if required.

When you click ‘sync menu', your tax bands set from Epos Now will sync over and appear in the Sales taxes tab. You will also be able to see what items sit under which tax bands



  • Your sales taxes on Epos Now will not sync with your service and delivery charges on the merchant dashboard, so these are automatically set to 0%

  • If you need to allocate a different sales tax to a service charge or delivery charge you can allocate a sales tax that has synced across with your items from your Epos Now dashboard. Alternatively, you can set up a new sales tax and allocate this to your service charge or delivery charge on the ‘sales tax’ tab.

To allocate an existing sales tax to a service charge or delivery charge:

  1. Select ‘Apply to fees’


2. This pop up will appear and you can select the services to apply this tax to:


Alternatively, to create a new sales tax to allocate to a service charge or delivery charge:



Select whether you want to offer this tax band inclusive (included in the displayed price to the customer) or additive (US + Canada standard - prices displayed without tax, with tax added on at the payment stage)



Click 'submit' - you will then see your new tax band created below, then select ‘apply to fees’ and tick the boxes