Creating, managing extra items and extra groups

Extra items and groups can be used in a variety of ways, from build-your-own pizzas to increasing overall customer spend.

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The extras page is where you can set up and manage your Extra Groups (e.g. ‘Mixers’ or ‘Sides’). Any Extra Groups you create will show in a list view on this page.

Creating an Extra Group

Go to the Extras page on the merchant dashboard and select ‘Create New Extra Group’ to set up a new Extra Group.

Once an Extra Group has been created you can link it to your main menu items in bulk on the Extras page. Then the items within the Extra Group will appear to customers as add-ons to the main menu item.

When creating an extra group include:

  • Public Name will be the name that appears on the Yoello platform for your customers if this Extra Group is linked to a main menu item. 
  • Internal Name - is for your internal use only
  • Minimum Quantity’ and ‘Maximum Quantity’ determine how many items a customer has to select from the Extra Group to progress with their order. For example, if the Extra Group ‘Mixers’ has a Minimum Quantity of 0 and a Maximum Quantity  of 2 then they may choose to have the spirit on the rocks or with lemonade and lime cordial. Alternatively, an Extra Group called ‘Build your own burger’ may require the customer to pick a minimum of 2 items (bacon, cheese etc) so this may be set as a Minimum Quantity of 2 and Maximum Quantity of 7

How to set up an extra group:

  1. Ensure The Extras i.e. (Cheese Ham, Mixed Peppers) are created as items on the dashboard
  2. While creating extra items, you must ensure that you select "is this item an extra?" as the items are extras. Do not select "add pricing option" if the extras are extras only.
  3. Add the extra pricing options if applicable, e.g., Add Cheese, Add Extra Cheese, with different pricing options, so these are your option names and pricing will differ.

  4. Ensure that the relevant tax band has been applied and that "In Stock" has been toggled on when creating items.

  5. Add the extra item to the relevant group by choosing the rgroup from the drop-down list.
    1. If the extra group has yet to be created, this can be done by going to Products > Extras > Create New Extras Groups
  6. Apply the extra group to the parent item by either:
    1. Going to the relevant parent item and adding to them individually.
    2. Access the extra group click 'Apply To Items' and search for the item or if adding to multiple items filter by subcategory and click ' Select All'

Please Note: Within the extra groups any parent items that have had the extra applied will have a 'tick' listed next to the item. 

    Watch this quick video on how to create and manage Extra Groups! 


    Please Note: Creating Extra Groups on the Merchant Dashboard is only applicable to Yoello Direct and RMS merchants.

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