Factory reset your Yoello POS terminal

Factory Resetting your Yoello POS terminal clears out the backlog of old data and information, bringing the POS terminal back up to speed.

Please Note: A factory reset is needed on rare occasions but if you notice your POS starting to slow down then one is recommended.

Clearing Cache

Before performing a factory reset, please consider clearing the devices cache instead. Clearing the cache also removes built up data from the Yoello application. To clear the cache, Go to Settings > Storage > Click Cached data > Click Ok. This should then remove any built up cache on the device.

How to perform a factory reset

To perform a factory reset please access your Point of Sale (POS) Terminal -
Click Settings > Scroll down to Reset > Click Factory Data Reset > Reset Device > Erase Everything. This should then automatically start the process of resetting all data.

Factory Reset

Please note the following:-

  • Backup any essential data as once a reset is being performed all data is then removed from the terminal.
  • A Data Backup can be performed to keep any data or files you want on the terminal.
  • You can transfer data and files between your POS terminal and mobile / laptop via Bluetooth.

Please Note:  Back-up any data that you consider to be essential or required before performing a factory reset as once a factory reset is in progress it cannot be cancelled.