How do I delete an item from the dashboard?

Deleting items from your Yoello Merchant Dashboard allows you to keep track and organise which items you would like to display

To delete items from your merchant dashboard, please ensure that you have menu management permission for your venue. Once you've been granted this permission, log in to your merchant dashboard. 

Once you've accessed the merchant dashboard, you will then need to navigate to the Items section. Search for the item you would like to delete (this can be done via the search box or by manually searching through the subcategories).

Once the item you would like to delete has been located, click on the item, scroll down, and click Delete Item. This will trigger an additional window to confirm that you are happy to proceed.

The item should now be fully removed from the system. Please see the video below for further information:


HubSpot Video


Please Note: Deleting items via the Merchant Dashboard is available to Yoello Direct and RMS merchants. Epos Now & Square merchants will need to delete the items via their till systems.

If you require any further support with getting setup, please contact us on or on the below relevant phone number.

GBR/IRL:  +44 330 818 0264
USA/CAN:  +1 (202) 773-4065
+61 (02) 6169 1532