How do I enable Split Printing on my Yoello POS terminal?

The Yoello POS terminal now includes printer settings allowing for Split Printing of orders and the ability to control what items you want to print on your device.

The Yoello POS terminal now allows for Split Printing to be enabled, another printing feature for your venue.

Please Note: You will need at least one Yoello POS terminal for you to use this feature.

To enable this function you first have to login to your POS terminals:

image 2

To activate Split Printing:

Access the Yoello App via your POS terminal > Go to Settings > Enable printing > Printer Settings  > Filter your items to print by Menu, Subcategories or Both.

Please Note: Extra-only items do not fall under a menu so to make sure these print, please add a filter for the Subcategory the item sits under. E.g If you filter your Drinks menu to print, if any mixers are extra only items you must also filter your mixer subcategory to ensure all items print.

Once you've filtered the relevant menu/subcategory to each individual POS this will now only print items within that menu and subcategory.

If no filters are applied all items will print.

Please see video below on how to set up Split Printing:

HubSpot Video

Printer Only Mode:

Enable "Printer Only" to allow for the POS terminal to act solely as a printer and remove the option to accept or decline orders. We recommend allowing just one device to manage the orders, while the others will print them once accepted.

Please Note: Printer Only mode will turn the POS terminal into a printer and will not be able to accept or decline orders. You will only see orders once they have been accepted and reach the print section.

Once you're happy with how the menus and subcategories are filtered to print between the POS terminals you are good to go.

Order Tickets:

Once split printing is enabled, the order ticket will only include items filtered to print on your device and the relevant order details to make it easier for you to see what items you should prepare.

  • If ‘Auto-print order ticket’’ is enabled, then an 'order ticket' will automatically print when an order is either manually or auto accepted.
  •  If ‘Auto-print order ticket’ is disabled then an order ticket can be manually printed from the new 'Unprinted Orders' section or via the open order detail.

Group 9674

Customer Receipts:

The Customer receipt will include all items on the order, the order details, and the price breakdown.

  • If ‘Auto-print customer receipt’ is enabled, the receipt will automatically print when you manually finish an order (if you use the finish all feature the receipt will not print).
  • If ‘Auto-print customer receipt’ is disabled. The receipt will only print if you select ‘Print receipt’ on the order detail.

Please Note: When an order is Finished it will be removed from the print section on all devices even if it has not been printed. Please ensure you are only finishing orders that are completed.

Please note the following:

  • The split printing feature works with multiple POS terminals. It will not work if you only have 1 POS terminal.
  • If the relevant subcategory has not been chosen alongside the menu, the extra only items will not appear on the order receipt but will appear on the final receipt.
  •  If any subcategories/menus have not been filtered on any devices you risk them not printing anywhere so please be careful when setting them up.
  • POS terminals setup with Print only enabled will be unable to accept or decline orders unless they visit the order history.
  • If you remove a menu filter, please remember to remove any subcategory filters that relate to that menu.
  • If you delete a menu or subcategory on the merchant dashboard, please make sure you visit your filters on all devices to make sure they are updated.

Please see example videos below of how the feature works:-

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Please Note: If using multiple POS terminals you will need to enable the Split Printing feature on ALL devices.

For more information please contact the support team via 0330 818 0264