Customise menu item preferences

Improve the customer ordering experience by setting custom preference options on your menu items


Preferences are options that you can add to a product for customer satisfaction. E.g. “Ice/no ice” or “slice” with drinks, “no sauce” "steak cooking preferences" or “dressing on the side” for food.


Preferences are at no extra charge. Therefore, if you want to charge for a particular preference then you will need to set it up as an extra.


Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 14.54.47

Create new preference

Select ‘Create New Preference’ to set up a new one. You need to provide an option name, which can be phrased as a question, an internal name for your reference only, and what items this preference corresponds to.


For example, create a preference called ‘How would you like your steak?’ and provide 4 preference options; rare, medium-rare, medium and well-done. You can then go back to 'items', select your steak items and apply the preference there, so that a customer is prompted to express their preference when they go to order it.


1. Set up the preference in the 'preferences' tab:

preferences 2

2. Return to the 'items' tab, click on the item to edit, and select the 'preferences' box

preferences 3

3. Choose the preference to add to the item and 'submit' to save

preferences 4

Editing a Preference

You can edit a Preference (i.e. add/remove Preference Options or edit the Preference Name) at any time by clicking on the Preference you want to edit. Ensure that you click ‘submit’ to save any changes you make.