What is a temporary payment account?

A temporary payment account is created upon sign-up for a Charity Yoello Pay account, allowing you to start taking donations as soon as your account has been created!

This is only temporary, and in the meantime you will need to create your own Yoello Stripe account to ensure there is no service interruption.

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Do I need to set up a Stripe account in the meantime?

Yes, as this account is only temporary, you will need to set up your own Yoello Stripe account in the meantime. 

For help setting up your stripe account, please read this help guide.


Where do the pay-outs go once a person has donated?

All of your donations received will be paid into main Yoello Stripe account, and each week, a reconciliation will be done by our finance team of these payments, and a payment will be made to your nominated bank account.




If you require any further support with this FAQ, please contact us on support@yoello.com, submit your query on this support contact form, or on the below phone number

GBR/IRL:  +44 330 818 0264