Epos now: Why is my 'menu sync' task not being ticked off on my progress box?

When syncing your Epos now menu for the first time, please check that you have ticked the items you want to sync as main menu items for 'sell on web' in order for them to successfully pull through from your Epos back office

When you are setting up Epos Now Order and Pay for the first time on your dashboard the pop-up will indicate what you have completed.

When you click to sync your menu, sometimes it may look as if you have successfully synced your menu as your subcategories will appear in the 'subcategories' tab. However your pop-up box may indicate that you still need to complete the 'sync menu' stage. This is likely because you have not yet been able to pull through your items from your Epos back office due to them not being ticked for 'sell on web'.


Please ensure that you are ticking your items for 'sell on web', then re-sync, and check the 'items' tab on the dashboard. If you can see items here, you have successfully synced your menu and the pop-up should mark this as 'completed'


For full details on setting up your menu please refer to our article:  How do I sync my menu?