How can I set up a discount code?

You can do this on your merchant dashboard under the 'Discounts' section.

Discount codes allow you to provide an additional service to your customers by providing an option to discount an order at checkout. Discount codes can be available to all customers, or if you've noticed a returning customer, you are able to provide them with a specially generated code to award their loyalty.

How to set up a discount code in your Merchant Dashboard

To set up discount codes please access your Yoello Merchant Dashboard via, via for RMS Retail Merchant Services merchant, or for Epos Now merchants.

When setting up discount codes, they can either be randomly generated characters or be manually entered to make the code more personalised if aimed towards more loyal customers.

Please Note: The maximum number of characters for discount codes are 12.

Discount codes can either provide a percentage or a predetermined value off the entirety of the order before tips have been applied. Alongside this, the discount code will need to contain a description of how much of a discount it will provide or if certain conditions have to be met before the discount code will work.

When setting up discount codes you can set a 'Max Number of Uses' and 'Max Number of Uses Per Customer' and 'Min Order Value'.

  • The Max number of uses restricts the number of times the discount code can be used, thereby limiting the total number of times the discount code can be used. When the maximum number of uses is reached, an error message stating "Discount code is no longer valid" will appear.
  • Max number of uses per customer limits the number of times that the discount code can be used per customer. A discount code has been set up with 100 uses. However, you've limited the use to two per customer. This will display an error message "You have reached the maximum number of uses for this code" once a customer has reached the max number of uses.
  • Min Order Value requires that the basket amount reach a minimum amount before the discount can be applied. If the minimum order value has been set as £10 and the customer has placed an order for £9, then the discount will not apply as it has not reached the minimum amount for the discount to apply.

Please Note: The above fields are optional but highly recommended that they are completed.

Watch this quick video on how to set up a discount code! 

Please Note: Once a discount code has been created it cannot be deleted.