How do I manage tips/gratuity settings?

Enabling/adjusting Tipping Settings on Yoello

To enable or adjust your Tipping Options, firstly log in to your Merchant Dashboard

Once logged in, go to Settings > Order Settings > General, and then scroll down to 'Tipping Options'.

You will then be met with the screen seen in the image below where you can enable/disable tipping.

Screenshot 2022-07-06 133839

If tipping is enabled, you will be able to select and adjust up to 4 different Tipping Options. The available tipping options will be:

  • Round-Up 
  • Customers Can Enter a Custom Value
  • Custom Percentage of the total Bill (You can set this to any % you'd like)

Screenshot 2022-07-06 123406

Default Tipping Option

Yoello allows merchants to set a tipping option as a default which will be pre-selected for customers upon checkout. As seen in the example below, once a customer goes to checkout, the default tip will be automatically applied.

Screenshot 2022-07-06 132834


Customers who do not want to leave the default tip can still select from one of the other tipping options merchants have enabled. Or clear it entirely.


To enable a Tipping Option as default, simply scroll down to 'Default Option', and then set one of your Tipping Options as default (see image below). 

Screenshot 2022-07-06 133754

Default Tipping allows for Increased Tips/Gratuity for your Staff Members and fewer Total Clicks for your Customers. 


If you require any further support with Tipping/Gratuity settings, please contact us on, submit your query on this support contact form, or on the below phone number.


GBR/IRL:  +44 330 818 0264