How do I set separate takeaway pricing for my menu?

To add alternative pricing for your takeaway menu simply duplicate the items you want to offer for takeaway and adjust the price as normal


If using Yoello direct and not through a POS partnership, you are able to set multiple pricing options within your menu items in order to display the different size options of a meal or choices they can  drink for the customer, e.g. Pasta (starter) and Pasta (main), or Pint, Half Pint, Shandy. However, all these pricing options will display to your customers when they view the item, e.g. 


Merchant dashboard                                                                         Yoello customer platform


Therefore, if you wish to offer an item with a different price only for your collection or delivery menu, you will need to create a 2nd item with a different price. E.g. Pepperoni Pizza (takeaway) and ensure that the other priced item is toggled 'off' for collection or delivery within the item settings: