How to perform refunds

Performing a refund allows for the customer to receive money back on their order. This can only be a full refund.

⚠️ Please Note: Only full refunds can be performed on any POS integration. Partial Refunds are not available on the platform.

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Performing Refunds via the Merchant Dashboard


How to perform a Full Refund via the Merchant Dashboard

  1. Access Order History via your Merchant Dashboard.
  2.  Click on the relevant order.
  3. Click Issue Refund and choose "Refund Entire Order"
  4. Click "Confirm Refund Type" and click continue.

Please note: To refund an order, it must be done on the Merchant Dashboard. If you perform a refund on your POS, it will not refund the customer, it must be done on the Merchant Dashboard.

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