Manage your venue settings

Manage your venue's visibility and add on charges for your customers

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Venue enabled is the ‘on/off’ switch for your entire Yoello service. By switching this off, customers will not be able to place any further orders with you through the platform until turned back on. 



Venue Fees 

This is where you can set a service charge amount and/or percentage to be applied to each order that is placed. 

These settings are fully customisable so you have control over what you wish to charge your customers. Some merchants for example may charge a standard Service Charge value on each order but then add an additional Service Charge % during a bank holiday.

There is a standard 10p transaction fee that is applied to all orders in the UK and Ireland, and 30 c in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. You can choose whether to absorb this yourself or pass it on to your customers using this field.

Please note if you leave both Service Charge’ and ‘Service Charge %’ empty, you will be absorbing the % transaction fee and 10p or 30c transaction fee on behalf of your customers.