When will I receive payouts from Yoello?

Stripe is our payment provider. However, with the introduction of Open Banking payments are completed via bank transfer.

You can see a record of your pay-outs from the ‘Payments’ tab on your merchant dashboard. Payments are made 2 working days after the transaction has been placed.

E.g. If a customer places an order on Monday, this will be received into your bank account by the Wednesday. Please see below for an example schedule:

Day Yoello Order Placed and Transaction Made Expected Stripe Pay-out
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday
Saturday Wednesday
Sunday Wednesday

For Open Banking, your pay-outs will be instant and will be available via your bank account/statements. All transactions will come under the name Yoello.

E.g. If a customer places an order and decides to pay via Open Banking, you will receive a pay-out directly to your bank instantly


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