How can I embed my Yoello URL into my website?

You are able to embed your Yoello platform into your website. However, it will need to be completed under specific circumstance.

You may wish to promote your Yoello platform on your own website. 

You are able to embed your Yoello URL into your website through two different methods:

  1. Embedding the URL into the website and hiding the URL behind a button.
  2. Have a picture of the QR code available on your website for customers to scan.

Please Note: You are unable to embed the Yoello URL using an iframe, as this will create a unsecure connection and will not allow for orders and payments to be processed via this link.

Alternatively, you can put a link to your Yoello platform on your website. As long as it opens in a separate window with your Yoello unique URL: this will work for your customers to place orders.


To view our FAQ on how to add your venue URL to your social sites & website, please visit Share your Yoello menu link far and wide online!


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