How do I set up my taxes on the dashboard?

For Yoello direct merchants click to 'update your sales taxes' and manage your taxes via the new 'Sales Taxes' tab on the merchant dashboard

Click here to view how to set up your taxes using Epos Now Order and Pay

When setting up your Yoello venue one of the main steps required for for set up is setting up your Sales Tax. This will be displayed on the top left-hand side under "Complete Set Up". This section will show all outstanding fields required before you can proceed with taking order via the Yoello platform.

To set up your Sales Tax do the following steps:

  1. Access your merchant dashboard via
  2. Go to Sales Taxes all tax rates set up will be displayed in this window.
  3. Click "Create New Tax" which will prompt a window to appear for the relevant information.
  4. Enter the Tax Name alongside the Percentage and the Inclusion Type.
    1. Inclusion Type are split into two different categories:
      1. Inclusion - Tax included in the display price to the customer.
      2. Additive - Tax not included in the display  price but added at the payment stage.
  5. Click "Submit" and this will create the sales tax in the system.

Applying tax to items

  1. Once the sales tax has been created click " Apply To Items"
    1. You can either search for the Relevant Items, Filter Subcategory, Select All.
    2. To replace the sales tax. This can be done by clicking "Select None" which will remove the current assigned tax rates.

Please Note: To edit Sales Taxes this has to be done outside of the venues trading times or by temporary disabling your venue.

  • Click to ‘Update Sales Taxes’ and when done, your dashboard will refresh to include a new tab on the left called ‘Sales taxes’. In here, you will be able to see your tax bands that have pulled from your menu items, and you’ll be able to see what items sit under which tax bands and change these if needed.
  • Service and delivery charges are automatically set to 20%
  • If you need to allocate a different sales tax to your items or to your service or delivery fees, you can allocate an existing sales tax or set up a new one. 

Please see video below for further information:

Please note the inclusion type needs to be the same across all items and fees. i.e. you can't have fees set as inclusive and items set as exclusive. If this happens then the order will fail.


If you require any further support, please contact us on, or your query on this support contact form.